How to reset administrator password on Windows 7/vista/server/xp/ even with all versions and all service packs using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

How to reset administrator password on Windows 7/vista/server/xp/ even with all versions and all service packs using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

If you lost administrator’s password and hence couldn’t log on to Windows, this article might helps you solve the problem.
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a program that can reset password of any user on Windows and it worked on all versions of windows 7/vista/server/xp and with all service packs.
It is open source on the GPL license so you can use it for free. It supports all Windows from WinNT to Windows 7 including Windows Server 2003 and 2008. To use this program, simply download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, burn it to a CD/Usb, use it to boot on the PC that you want to reset administrator’s password, and follow the instruction below.
Note: This tool will reset or erase the password only, account files will remain same. Some times rest password doesn’t work well so ERASE or CLEAR blank user password just worked fine on all windows

Step By Step Tutorial

Download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor [ ]
Extract the downloaded file, you get cd110511.iso which is an ISO image file that can be burn to a CD/USB by Nero, ImgBurn or any other CD/USB burning software. Now burn this ISO image to a CD/USB.
Now before to start recovery process make sure your system bios is changed with Boot from CD/USB, if your have burned ISO to CD then 1st boot option should be CD or if you are using USB as a boot device then make sure your 1st boot device is selected with removable media or with USB.

Step 1:

After you have burn the image on CD which is an bootable disc. Insert the CD and reboot the target system. If you see this screen, press ENTER to continue. Otherwise, you have done something wrong. If the computer still boots from Windows, you have to check boot ordering in BIOS whether it is configured to boot from CD or not.

Step 2:

Once the program has been loaded, you see Step ONE which you have to select which partition that has Windows installed. In most cases, there will be only one partition so you can use the default value shown in the bracket ([1]), which refers to the first partition, by press Enter to continue.
Note for Windows 7: You have to select a partition next to the partition that has 100 MB size and labeled as “BOOT” . This example, the computer is Windows 7 so I have to select a second partition by type “2” as in the figure below and press Enter to continue.  Or you may try with all partitions. If you leave with the default value, it will not work.

Step 3:

On Step TWO, you have to specify path to Windows registry. In most cases, you can leave it as default path as Windows/System32/Config by press Enter. But if you installed Windows on other path, for example, C:\WinXP, you have to enter WinXP/System32/Config instead.

Step 4:

Next, select which part of registry to load, press Enter to leave it as default option which is Password reset [sam system security].

Step 5:

On chntpw Main Interactive Menu, press Enter to select Edit user data and passwords option.

Step 6:

On chntpw Edit User Info & Passwords, you can select which account that you want to reset password. By default, it is Administrator. But in this example, I want to reset password of “Win7”account so I type the account name and press Enter.

Step 7:

On User Edit Menu, type “1” and press Enter to select Clear (blank) user password. This option will remove the old password and work with all windows versions.

Step 8:

If there is nothing wrong, you should see a message Password clear! as in the figure below. Then, type “!” and press Enter to select quit option.
Note: This doesn’t mean that the password has already been cleared. You will have to confirm changes to the system in later step.

Few Final Steps

On chntpw Main Interactive Menu, type “q” and press Enter to quit the program.
On Writing back changes, type “y” and press Enter to confirm any changes you made in above steps.
You will see “EDIT COMPLETE” message which indicates that the password has been cleared successfully.
Press Enter to exit the program.
Before reboot the program, you have to remove the CD first. Otherwise, it will boot to this program again. Reboot the system and now you can enjoy log on to your Windows without entering any password.

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